Some are part of this collection pendants, necklaces and earrings made with dendritic agates. These particular agates recall autumnal landscapes or glimpses of forests, always mounted in gold and with colored stones.

The agate dendritiche (or musk, or landscape) are sedimentary formations that over the centuries have undergone branched infiltrations of water with metal oxides of various colors, from black to bright red. Each agate is a small work of art of nature, strongly evocative of images and memories of natural landscapes.

As the agatea it is a layered sedimentary stone, it may happen that spaces are created between one layer and another that are invaded by water and minerals. In these minerals there is iron (reddish brown inclusions), manganese or psilomelane (black inclusions), is chlorite (inclusions in various shades of green). These infiltrations, often in the form of tree branches, they are identified and chosen by the most skilled cutters in the first cuts made on the rough agate (the so-called 'slices'). Once the shape of the cabouchon has been decided, the 'slices' are cut to best highlight all the aesthetic characteristics.

In the POESIA D’AUTUNNO collection you will find a selection of the best agates chosen by me over years of research by the best cutters.

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