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Coral nord: Poetry in a jewel


My name is Maurizio Riboldi and I am a goldsmith craftsman, per century CORAL NORD. I have always been interested in art in all its forms: architecture, sculpture, painting, cinema, music ... anything that is able to convey an emotion. In particular, in the last thirty years I have dedicated myself to the production of jewelry: in my laboratory, which is a bit like a second home, I shape my ideas.


Each of my creations comes from a large amount of memories, impressions, images related to my experience, which take the form of a high quality goldsmith accessory through the fusion of poetry and artisan technique.

I believe in the jewel's ability to tell a story, to provoke emotions and suggestions; for this, each of my pieces is made with great care and attention to detail: the metal parts (always gold or silver) they are forged with ancient techniques, each plate, wire or component are rigorously worked one by one by hand with passion.

Likewise, the choice of stones is the result of experience and careful selection.

Moreover, I love to rediscover the potential of an 'old' jewel, that customers have had in their drawer for some time, recreating it according to the poetics of CORAL NORD

My search for the unique piece led me, in the last few years, to work with even poorer materials such as ebony, mother of pearl and fossil ivory, that I cut by hand in my workshop.

Each element is positioned after long reflections, combinations, form studies; nothing is placed at random, even in the apparent irregularity there is a long process of testing and research.

On my site you will find a wide selection of ready-made jewels (all unique pieces), all made with great passion and research.